Movie Monday: Grand Canyon

This past March, I had the opportunity to backpack the Grand Canyon for 4 days with my  youngest brother Sam and his buddy Mike. We set out on the popular South Kaibab trail and camped at Bright Angel for two nights before starting our ascent up the canyon with a night at Indian Garden. You can read more about that trip here.

Along the course of our trip, I made sure to take plenty of GoPro video coverage. I’ve taken plenty of clips with my GoPro before, but until now had never done anything with them. So for today’s Movie Monday, you get the special treat of my first film! It’s pretty rough and I have a ton of learning to do still. Enjoy!

You Are Almost There

“You are almost there!”, shouted some hipster college kid as he and his posse passed Cassie and I on the trail. They passed by, I looked at Cassie and told her “I don’t care”.

We were out for a late Sunday evening hike on an easy trail, just a stroll to stretch the legs before the weekend ended. It was sunny, warm, aside from this group of college kids we were the only ones the trail. It was pleasant, until we had to be informed how close we were. We didn’t ask, because we knew where we were, and we also didn’t care because we were just out enjoying our selves.

The idea of telling people how close they are is a nice gesture. But I am going to be to anyone reading this don’t tell unless they ask. Many of us escape out in to the woods to do just that, escape. Sure we might be taking photos along the way so we can post to Instagram later on, but we don’t care what time it is or how much further we have to go because once we are there reality sinks in and we have to turn around and go home.

So please, just say “hi” next time and smile as you pass. You are out having a good time and so am I. I don’t want the hike to end, so don’t tell me how close I am to it being over.

Movie Monday: The Important Places

The annual 5 Point Film Festival recently commenced. That means a steady stream of inspiring and motivating films full of adventure are and will be hitting the internet.

First up, is “The Important Places”, which will inspire you to stay young, healthy, active, and cherish every moment you have in the outdoors.  There is not much more to say, I’m inspired, especially after recently visiting the Grand Canyon and also for the back to back weekend of rafting I’ve done.