2015 Stats! Quarter 2

Wow, can you believe the year is halfway over?! I can because today I turn 30. Everyone keeps telling me I’m going to start waking up sore and tired due to my old age. But I say screw that! I’m going to keep doing what I do, live life, and prove them all wrong! The only I will say they are all right about is that time flies! I can’t believe it’s already July 1.

While the snowboarding during the winter was non-existent, although I did finally get one day in at Mt Baker the day before they closed in mid April, I’ve had plenty of other great adventures. I’ve had some great day hikes, quick overnight adventures, a weekend of kayaking, and other spur of the moment adventures. Cycling has been the main go to though for just getting out as the weather has been so nice in Seattle the past few months. That rain that everyone always says we have has been no where to be seen, which is great for getting outside, but it could make for a very bad fire season in the mountains. Well, enough rambling, lets get to the stats!

Took Cassie to ride Grand Ridge for her first time. Probably the hardest MTB ride for her to date, and she rocked it!

Took Cassie to ride Grand Ridge for her first time. Probably the hardest MTB ride for her to date, and she rocked it!

Running: 100.94 miles! This brings the yearly total up to 232.59! I started adding a bit of trail running back in to my routine after taking most of the winter off. I love the feel of dirt, I feel like I can run farther. It allows me to just turn the feet and enjoy my surroundings while taking me to amazing places.

Cycling: 918 miles! My yearly cycling total is now up to 1,493 miles. Can you tell I’ve been doing way more cycling than running the past 3 months? With great commuting weather and a weekly mountain bike ride with my wife, I’ve been seeing at least 3 days a week on the bike. Some weeks, there is another mountain bike ride, and maybe even a weekend road ride. I’ve also signed up to ride the Bike MS Deception Pass Classic again for the 3rd year. I’ll be on the Fighting Axons team again raising money to fight MS! If you can, I’d be very thankful for any donation you can provide to my ride. Donate here

I hope you to have been getting out and enjoying the start to summer. Make it the best yet by finding a challenging hike, climb, ride, race, or an adventure that puts you just outside the comfort zone. It’s been a great year so far and it’s only going to get better!

Trip Report: Mt Baldy

Difficult for many to access especially when hiking, MtBaldy (6,279ft) sits high above Highway 2 east of Steven’s Pass on the edge of the Chiwaukum mountains. In a normal year, it’s a great Spring ski tour with gentle slopes, perfect for Spring time corn harvesting. However, this year, it’s an easy scramble to the summit, but only if you happen to be staying at the Scottish Lakes High Camp, the destination for our 2016 Exped USA sales meeting.

After 2 days of travel and meetings, learning about and testing all of the awesome new gear we will carry in our line for 2016, Saturday was a scheduled “rest day” before we departed the high camp. Up early, most of our group set out to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness boundary with hiking, fishing, mountain views, and summits on our mind. We started with 12 heading to the summit of Mt Baldy and finished with 7 standing on top to never ending views in to the Enchantment Lakes and Glacier Peak Wilderness of the North Cascades.

The summit was short lived. We had an 11am turn around time in order to be back to camp packing up for our long, bumpy, dusty Suburban ride back to our cars at the bottom of the hill.

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Movie Monday: Grand Canyon

This past March, I had the opportunity to backpack the Grand Canyon for 4 days with my  youngest brother Sam and his buddy Mike. We set out on the popular South Kaibab trail and camped at Bright Angel for two nights before starting our ascent up the canyon with a night at Indian Garden. You can read more about that trip here.

Along the course of our trip, I made sure to take plenty of GoPro video coverage. I’ve taken plenty of clips with my GoPro before, but until now had never done anything with them. So for today’s Movie Monday, you get the special treat of my first film! It’s pretty rough and I have a ton of learning to do still. Enjoy!