Belay On! Back on the Rock

Last weekend, my wife and I had what we dubbed as our “weekend warrior” weekend. In other words, how many activities could we fit in Friday after work through Sunday night. It started out with dinner and a bonfire while hanging out with friends, followed by mountain biking and a birthday party Saturday, and ended with sunny and warm day in Leavenworth, WA rock climbing.

It had been almost 2 full years since we last rock climbed so there were cob webs to shake out for sure. But as soon as we were on belay, everything we had ever learned came right back and we were climbing! We lapped several routes at the Playground Point crag, just enjoying the early spring day. It was nearly crowd free so we never felt rushed. All the routes we climbed were 5.6 or 5.7, so we kept it easy on top rope most the day. I did however manage to squeeze in two sport leads, which felt great, even on the near featureless granite slab that one was on.

We ended up climbing for 4-5 hours and even escaped with the starts of a sunburn, which may have felt better than the rock climbing! The drive back to Seattle was a breeze early Sunday evening, but traffic was heavier and you could tell that on such a nice weekend everyone had the same idea of getting outside and staying there as long as they could.

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Injury Sucks!

With vacation plans to Zion National Park approaching extremely quick. I’m sitting here wondering how well I’m going to be able to move and enjoy Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks as I nurse a painful and ridiculous injury.

Monday after lunch, I decided to take a quick stroll on the longboard along the bike path outside my office. Unfortunately, the stroll started with a sudden fall, leaving my rear end in pain! No bruise has shown up yet, but my tail bone hurts at the movement of bending. I haven’t been to the gym in three days, haven’t been able to bike or run, and am now just hoping that I can hike in another week.

Sitting on my rear, not moving is almost more painful than the pain itself though. I want to get outside, move around, exercise and basically just not sit in front of the computer or lay on the couch watching TV. However, I know sitting doing nothing is the best solution, especially if I want to be able to move around next week. I’ve been out before with an IT band injury, which is another one that haunts you and laughs at you as you try and recover as fast as possible.

Do you have any stupid injury stories to share? Ones that you have no visible injury from and that you feel like a total idiot for even getting injured from in the first place?